Amanda Jones Eyebrow Specialist

“Beautiful eyebrows aren't a luxury, they are an
essential part of your face every day”


Thanks to the process of semi permanent makeup – Long lasting (1 to 3 years approx) achieved by Cosmetic Tattooing you can have beautiful eyebrows and eyeliner everyday. Click Here To See Pictures .

Amanda is an eyebrow shaping specialist and it’s been a passion of her's for over 20 year's.

Most people don’t have the perfect arch but Amanda will ensure you she will create the illusion of the perfect eyebrow shape, be it through shaping –tinting- pencil or tattooed hair stroke’s . Have the eyebrows you have always longed for.

“Badly shaped eyebrows can make the most beautiful face

unattractive just as great eyebrows can

enhance your appearance immensely”

Amanda Jones

Beautiful Brows -Eyebrow shaping and Cosmetic Tattooing located in Brighton, Melbourne.

Eye Brows by Amanda Jones